Why Africa

Africa has touched the imaginative and adventurous streak in thousands of people from every walk of life... and it still does so, even now with all the uncertainties and negative press and issues that emanate from this Dark Continent. So, let’s examine some of the ‘magnets’ of this attraction.

Africa has more of its’ own natural wonders than any other continent of the world. These Include:

The Victoria Falls, Mount Kilimanjaro, The Ruwenzoris, The Great Migration, The Congo River, The Niger River, The Nile River, The Zambezi River, The Okavango Delta, Ancient Soda Lakes, The Namib Desert, The Sahara Desert as well as Equatorial Forests to name but a few.

It is collectively the greatest resevior of terrestrial biodiversity on the planet. That means it has more animals and birds than any other continent!

A safari conjures up the excitement and romance of the early explorers journeys which were undertaken on foot with a trail of porters carrying a camp and provisions for the duration of the safari.

There are now such a variety of options, naturally from ultra-luxurious to basic camping in the wilds. Travellers can choose from a plethora of service-providers to suit their choices and budget.

Africa is fun, exciting, challenging and every day is an adventure!