Destinations: Rwanda

Rwanda is regrettably known for the tragedies of the genocide in 1994, but should be better known for Mountains of the Moon, home of the gentle Mountain gorillas and Golden monkeys. This is a country that has recovered from its history very positively, and the government has encouraged Rwandans to forgive and move on. Kigali has world-class hotels and infrastructure, it is the cleanest city in Africa, with friendly citizens and a keen intention to welcome western travelers who travel to see wildlife, culture and spectacular scenery. This country is literally a ‘Land of 1000 Hills’!

Kigali city. Historical and cultural centre. The capital of Rwanda, and a terrific city to overnight in. Several very good hotels and restuarants as well. 2 hour drive to Sabinyo region to the west.

Sabinyo region. Mountain gorillas, Golden monkeys. Traditional park to visit the mountain gorillas, and the most accessible for travelers who may incapacitated in any way.

Culture, basket weaving. The basket weaving industry here produces some of the finest pieces in Africa.