Destinations: Namibia

This is like no other country on the continent! In a sophisticated country with a First world infrastructure, safari travel is made easier by the fact that everything works so well, and yet the wildlife areas are still unspoilt and not tarnished by ‘use’. The oldest desert, the Namib, in the south with wave-sculptured dunes 1100feet high, and then wide, wild gravel plains in the north inhabited by prehistoric plants, desert elephants and strange nomadic tribes. Stunningly grasping scenery and mountains too lovely to imagine are home to very special animals and birds. Shipwrecks dot the barren coastline, and names like ‘Skeleton Coast’ appear remarkably apt for the area. Yet, the north is wildlife country and an ideal combination for wildlife and people for a safari. Etosha is the main national park, built around an extinct lake bed that covers over 100 000 acres.

Sossusvlei. 4th tallest dunes in Africa. Unbeatable dune scenery, rugged rock mountains. Endemic Dune Lark found here. Photographers ‘must see’.

Swakopmund. Quaint coastal town. Adventure activities for teenage families.

Kaokoveld. Desert rhino, oryx, springbuck and other game. Incredible scenery. Unbeatable photographic opportunities especially in dry season.

Cunene. Hartmann Valley, mountain zebra, Himba people. Really rugged, and out-of-the-way!

Etosha National Park. Unique wildlife area, very good wildlife variety, especially in dry season.