Giving Back

A percentage of all company profits gets donated to the Tashinga Initiative.

This organization has three registered offices:
(A) The Tashinga Initiative Foundation Inc in the USA,
(B) Conservation Zambezi in the UK and
(C) The Tashinga Initiative in Zimbabwe

The organization was founded by Mrs. Lynne Taylor. Lynne has worked tirelessly by her husband’s side for decades to motivate conservation of Zimbabwe’s wildlife, and was a veteran of the ‘Save the Rhino’ campaign in the 1980’s which saw most of their heroic efforts almost totally destroyed by corruption and ineffective government agencies and awful political activities. Undeterred, Lynne has again taken up the cause, and this time, has altered her direction slightly. Her motive is essentially, “Look after the man in the frontline, by training him, giving him a decent house to live in, taking a sincere interest in his health, his family and his future, his accountability and he will do his job more thoroughly and with motivation”.

The Tashinga Initiative supports the National Parks and Wildlife Management Authority current protection and management programs in the Zambezi Valley.

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