Destinations: Ethiopia

This wonderful and little-known north African country is filled with historical and cultural wonders! Addis Ababa the capital is central in the country and conveniently divides the natural regions for visitors’ convenience. The northern cities are founded on dynasties that date back two thousand years with monasteries on isolated islands, stone-walled palaces, huge royal baths and most incredible of all, churches that were hewn into the rock that are two stories high!

The southern part is cultural with tribes still adorned in the traditional gear, paint, beads, leather aprons and spears. One group have their women even wear the clay lip plates as a way of ‘beautification’! There are limited but unique wildlife areas with species ranging from ibex and gelada (a form of baboon), and Simien Wolf in the north, but elephant, buffalo, lions and dikdik in the south.

The North. Historical monasteries, rock-hewn churches and stone palaces.

The South. Cultural, traditional tribesmen.